What If You Engineer Your Campaigns & Products To Go Viral?
The Underground Tactics & Secrets To Make your Business Go Viral.
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  • Increase Engagement and Good Will Toward Your Brand
  • ¬†Attract The Attention Required To Grow Your Business
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"Proof That The Strategies Inside 'The Viral Blueprint' Have Already Driven MASS EXPOSURE and Rocket-Fuelled Sales"
From: Dave Rotheroe
Bristol, United Kingdom

You have a great Product. Service. or Message.

It deserves to be shared with the world.

Would you like to know how to reach millions AND get paid in the process?
What if your Ads Could Reach 100x As Many People For A Fraction Of the Price?

And what if you could engineer organic content that Exposed Your Brand to millions?
Those are questions I used to ask myself as well...

Just imagine if you had the ability to create viral content and ads, what would you do?

How would that instantly change your life and business for the better?

Unfortunately, getting attention online isn't as easy as it used to be.

Thanks to things like Facebook and Instagram's algorithms constantly moving the goal posts for businesses like us, we have to spend hours creating stuff with NO idea whether it's going to even be seen!

Even if we create products and content our prospective customers LOVE there's no guarantee they'll even get to see it!

There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours creating content only for it to get a few likes, no comments or shares, then for it never to be seen again ūüė©

While you might try spending more and more money boosting posts to try and break through this glass ceiling, you can quickly go bankrupt bidding against thousands of other people competing for your audience...

(and they probably have bigger wallets than you!)

In fact, I personally know of marketers who employ a grey hat 'bully method' - actively out-bidding people with pretty un-ethical tactics and hugely inflated ad spends.

You will never win with traditional methods against these people.

If you've ever felt that frustration getting attention or selling online, then I completely relate to you.
The #1 'Secret' That Everyone's Ignoring
I want to let you into a little secret...

One which isn't... really... all that secret, but most marketers are COMPLETELY IGNORING!

You see there's a way of using social media to promote your business which stacks ALL of the odds in your favour. 

A way of creating content that will get MASS engagement and be 'ever-green' meaning you can use it again and again, without ever having to worry about wasting your time.

And not only that, by using these strategies, you'll create MASSIVE good will in your market-place which means...
  • ¬†More Reach (More Chances to Sell)
  • ¬†Higher Conversion Rates
  • ¬†Higher Value Customers
  • Bigger Cart Values (ACV)
  • More Repeat Sales
  • ¬†Higher Retention Rates
  • ¬†Happier Customers
And guess what... Happier customers are the sort that BUY MORE and COMPLAIN LESS!
The Big Secret?
"Well you make it sound so simple, Dave, but how on earth do I do that?!"

"And if it's that easy, why isn't everyone doing it?"

Excellent questions my friend.

And the honest truth is: most people think it's impossible... or too risky.

But in reality there are some key, underlying principles to making stuff go viral. Whether it be on a huge, global scale, or (often more powerfully and achievable) just within your network or niche.

And whatever business you're in, whatever size your business, you can adopt these principles and strategies for MASSIVE exposure and Hugely Inflated Sales.

In fact, when I first figured this stuff out, I took my fledgeling, low-ticket e-commerce business from $3,000 to $34,000.00 in a matter of weeks with very little effort!
And that was just the beginning!
Since then, I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest brands and greatest marketers on the planet...

And every time I've rolled out these principles, they've performed.
  • ¬†For My Own Businesses
  • ¬†For My Clients
  • ¬†In The DRIEST Of Niches
And when you're running paid ads, that means your costs (along with your jaw) are going to absolutely hit the floor!
Sound like it could be useful to you?

Think getting this kind of attention could have a profound impact on your bottom line?

Well, it's you're lucky day!
I'm Giving Away My Playbook...
I must be crazy right?

I'm giving away the entire game-plan on how to apply this to ANY business for MASSIVE exposure and engagement.

Inside 'The Viral Blueprint' you'll learn...
  • ¬†The Psychological 'Hacks'
How to engage people's "Lizard Brain" to make them engage with your content, share with their friends, and build a subconscious relationship with you that makes them 1000x more likely to buy!
  • The Technical 'Hacks'
How to 'Game the algorithm' and force social media platforms to provide massive exposure for your brand. PLUS: Tactics for getting people who've engaged to follow your page, engage further and eventually become customers.
  • How To Monetise Your Content
How to connect the gap between viral content and making money. Actionable strategies and blueprint sales processes whether you're an existing business or influencer trying to make bank.
  • Get FREE Traffic
How to leverage other people's MILLIONS of followers to get massive traction on your content and eyes on your brand.
  • The FOUR PILLARS Of Viral Success
How to apply them to any business by using the framework as a checklist for new content and ads. (These ROCKET-FUEL Any Content!)
  • Where To Dig For Viral Ideas
The viral ideas that people are already silently asking for and how to 'tap the market' to literally give you the answers on a plate!
  • How To Create Viral Videos
The framework and structure of Viral videos. How to ethically steal videos from power networks to promote your own products and services.
  • 'Seeding' Your Viral Content
7+ Places to 'seed' your content into the market to maximise your reach, your chances of success and the amount of eyes on your offer!
  • Building A Tribe
How to turn all these new eyeballs on your business into an audience of people you can contact again whenever you like For FREE!
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Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is NO CATCH!
I know there are loads of offers out there online that promise you the world for Free then under-deliver and leave you feeling confused and broke!

This isn't one of them.

There's actually a number of reasons I'm giving this away for Free.
  • It's my way of saying thank you¬†for subscribing to my podcast, list or social media channels
  • ¬†Because (unlike other 'gurus') I actually do this stuff every day and have high-paying clients who have me covered so it doesn't hurt me financially to give my best stuff away.
  • I get my product in your hands and when you actually see how powerful it is and see the effect it has on your business, it should get you excited enough that you buy other stuff from me in the future.
  • ¬†I'm Pretty Proud of it and to be honest, I'm a bit of a show off! But I freakin' love seeing people get the same thrill I did when I figured this stuff out!
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's why...

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If this page is still here, then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
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Sound fair?
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Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the guide!

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There's not catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

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